Track Listing

  1. State Your Peace
  2. Hey Sister Pretty
  3. The Killing Stone
  4. Get Out Of My Mind
  5. Another Year's Gone By
  6. Can I See You
  7. A Smile
  8. One Love
  9. Leaving
  10. Autumn Jones
  11. Free To Everyone
  12. Waltz Into Me


With Looking for Lucky, their first new studio album in two years, Hootie & the Blowfish are ready to begin a brand new chapter in their already illustrious history. After spending most of the last year on the road supporting their Best of Hootie & the Blowfish: 1993 - 2003 compilation, the band was ready for some new challenges. "In the past, when we wrote a record, the usual method was to get together, throw all our ideas in a pile and pick out the best songs," explained Mark Bryan, the band's lead guitarist. "We usually start with 20 or 30 tunes, and after 20 years we pretty much work with one mind. We wondered what would happen if we brought in a few friends to do some writing and playing. We wanted to see if we could push things in a new direction."