Track Listing

  1. Car Crash
  2. Come On Get Higher
  3. Heartbreak World
  4. Gone
  5. Wedding Dress
  6. Bulletproof Weeks
  7. To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts
  8. Still
  9. Detroit Waves
  10. Falling Apart
  11. Sooner Surrender
  12. All We Are


"Nathanson has offered an album so solid, so addicting, so enduring on repeat listens that it will quickly become the soundtrack of your late summer." - BLOGCRITICS

Matt Nathanson doesn't waste any time setting the tone for his transfixing new album, and Vanguard Records debut, Some Mad Hope. Diving headlong into a sea of chiming guitars, the San Francisco-based singer-songwriter breathlessly declares "I'm wide awake and so alive" - the opening lines of "Car Crash" serving as a statement of emotional clarity that permeates the disc's every groove.